Pearl Rings

Natural pearls have been so rare and so desirable that people learned how to stimulate the formation process of pearls and these days pearl jewelry is available and affordable. Pearl farming originated in Japan in the early 20th century and since that time many things have changed and new methods of culturing different kinds of pearls were invented. There are different types of pearls and we are glad to offer you a wide choice of them in our collection.
Freshwater pearls are cultured in rivers, ponds and lakes and have irregular shape. Seawater pearls grown in marine mollusks are of higher quality and are rounder and available in multiple types. Akoya pearls grown in the smallest saltwater pearls are almost round, they have deep rich luster and are cream or white. Tahitian pearls formed in black lipped oysters. They are much darker than other saltwater pearls and larger than Akoya pearls. South Sea pearls are the world's largest cultured pearls and have satiny luster and thicker layer of nacre.
In our collection you'll find all imaginable pearl rings to meet different tastes, budgets and preferences of jewelry metals and designs. White gold freshwater pearl rings, yellow gold cultured pearl rings, gold South Sea pearl rings in variety of shapes and designs are available. Elegant and shining, classy and eye-catching gold pearl rings will be excellent gift to your loved one. Pearl rings perfectly match evening dresses as well as lovely and elegant casual wear. We offer you best quality pearl rings including brilliant diamond and pearl rings at the most affordable prices.

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