Claddagh Rings

If you are searching for not just a stylish and beautiful ring, this collection is for you. Claddagh rings have been worn through centuries to symbolize the love, loyalty and friendship. The origin of the cherished national symbol is surrounded with mystery. The symbol of the Claddagh is said to be the symbol of a small fishing village, the "Fisher Kings of Claddagh" that overlooks the Galway in Ireland. "In love and friendship let us reign" is the meaning it carried. And the 17th century was the time when its symbolic design was fashioned into ring. There are numerous myths and stories explaining the beginning of the ring but one legend sounds truer and is more romantic than others. It tells us about a young man from Galway village of Claddagh, Richard Joyce. He was kidnapped by pirates on a trip to the West Indies just before his wedding and was sold to a Moorish goldsmith. Richard was quick and clever and he was trained by the goldsmith to be a master craftsman. When the King William III made Algiers free all the British in 1689, the goldsmith offered him to marry his daughter and half of his fortune but the Irishman refused and returned home for his true love. And he found that his love one had been waiting for him for all those 14 years. Richard gave her a ring of his own design known to us as Claddagh ring now and they married soon.
We offer you magnificent Claddagh rings with beautiful and rich meaning. Deep symbolism of hands giving the crowned heart makes Claddagh ring one of the most popular among the jewelry gifts for friends and loved ones. Elegant gold Claddagh rings and lovely sterling silver Claddagh rings are available at the most affordable prices.

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Platinum Small Claddagh RingPlatinum Small Claddagh RingYour Price: $716.66
14k White Gold Claddagh Ring14k White Gold Claddagh RingYour Price: $446.66
14K White Gold Claddagh Ring14K White Gold Claddagh RingYour Price: $561.46
14K Gold Men's Claddagh Ring14K Gold Men's Claddagh RingYour Price: $521.31