Tungsten Wedding Bands

Most wedding rings are made of precious metals like gold, platinum and sterling silver. Tungsten wedding bands have become popular not so long ago but have gained popularity and there are good reasons for it.
So, what tungsten is? Tungsten (a wolfram) is a silver-colored metal that has the highest melting point of any pure metal. It is much harder than steel. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and its strength make the metal ideal for many industrial and commercial applications including making jewelry.
Tungsten rings are perfectly scratch resistant. Their strength makes it extremely hard to scratch them and a high pressure and force are required for that. The only material that could cause a real damage to tungsten is diamond. Tungsten rings hold their shape longer than other rings because of their hardness. The permanent shine that tungsten bands possess is amazing. It will last for a long time. And you will enjoy the polished appearance and beauty of tungsten rings as long as you wish. One more important reason for the choice of tungsten ring is their affordable price.
When you are shopping for tungsten ring, remember about your comfort as the thickness of the ring determines the comfortable feeling of wearing the ring and the content of the ring is also very important. Tungsten rings has a purity of about 85% and the rest is another metals and it's better when additional metal is nickel.
Shine and stylish tungsten wedding bands are available in different designs and with different edges. Enjoy the beauty and durability of our tungsten rings!

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