0.14ct Diamond Bands

Diamond is the world's strongest and hardest gem that also possesses indescribable beauty and shine. If you are shopping for diamond ring, you should consider four Cs- diamond's cut, clarity, color and carat weight.
The term 'Carat' is originated from the ancient Greek word 'keration' (it means 'fruit of the carob'). Carob fruit was known to be uniform in size and weight. Carat (ct) became an official unit of diamond weight in 1907 and was decided to equal 200 milligrams.
We offer you a magnificent collection of elegant and stunning 0.14 carat diamond rings. 0.14 ct diamond is about 3.4 mm wide. Exquisite 14k white gold 0.14ct diamond rings, classy yellow gold 0.14ct diamond rings and two-tone 0.14ct diamond rings are available. You'll also find eye-catching 0.14ct diamond engagement rings and wedding bands in this collection. Enjoy the beauty and high style and quality of our 0.14 carat diamond rings and the most affordable prices.

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